It’s not yet a week since I’ve been back to Melbourne but I’ve already found myself in a whole lot of fun things to do before school starts to get intense. And we all decided that Inside Out, the new overwhelmingly well-received Pixar movie, is not something to be missed.


I’ve been a long-time Pixar fan, and during the two-week-holiday in Hanoi, I’ve planned to go see it with my brother like we used to in all Pixar movies, but unfortunately it’s not showing in Vietnam yet. “I’ll watch it as soon as I get back”, I told him. I could hear his sigh of jealousy, having to wait another month to watch it.

So that’s exactly what I did. The second day I got back, we bought the whole best row in the theater and get ready for some tears. And tears fell. At least for most of us.

It was awesome. I mean, seriously. It lived up to my expectations and more. It’s been so long since I last watched a movie that is so perfect in every way. From the short film to the ending, there was absolutely nothing not to fall in love with. It’s a children film but most people in the theater with us were adults, and I could tell that we all loved it.

Normally, when a film is highly anticipated and got some good reviews, I’d go and watch it with a very high expectation. I think that’s why most of the time, I wasn’t satisfied enough. But not in this case. Inside Out was a masterpiece. It’s creative, smart, funny, emotional and so meaningful. I don’t know how many times I was almost brought to tears when the stories of family, friendship, sacrifice… and emotions are being told. It was just… perfect.

We end up talking about our feelings the whole evening, trying to find our dominant emotion, determining our personalities and core memories, etc. Since then I’ve heard references about the film in every of our conversations. And by the next day we’ve already found ourselves covering “The Lava Song”, the song from the short film, in our living room with guitars and ukuleles. Now that’s what I call a good movie.

This is the second time I’ve been to the movies since I got here 5 months ago, and I reckon I should do this more. What could be better in this cold winter than grabbing popcorn and get lost in a different world for 2 hours or so? At first we all hesitated because of the price. But now that we can get tickets for $10, it’s only a meal or two. As long as you don’t compare it to prices at home, it’s all worth it.

And you pay higher prices for higher quality. Comparing to most cinemas in Hanoi, the screens here are so much bigger and the sound quality is very good. The seats are also bigger and more comfortable. The only thing missing is sweet popcorn. They don’t sell it here. Just… why??

Oh and one thing that is definitely better and will make my brother jealous is IMAX. I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s definitely in my bucket list.

Until next time… life is sweet.

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