Last week we decided to go to Docklands for the free fireworks show.

I’ve heard of Docklands before, people say it’s very nice, but I’ve never been there. So this was a great chance to check out the suburb as well.

The fireworks starts at 7.30pm, so we decided to leave the house 1 hour earlier at 6.30, thinking that we would get there well in advance.

We were wrong.

It only took us 20 minutes to take the nearest tram from Victoria Market to Burke St Mall, where we were to hail the tram to Docklands. We thought that we’re still on time.

Only when the tram came 10 minutes later, packed with passengers, did we start to worry. There’s almost 10 of us, so we didn’t stand any chance of getting on.

That’s when we realized that we would have to wait for the next tram, which means that there’s a chance we’ll miss the fireworks. Standing at the tram stop with us were many other people, who all seemed to also be waiting for the same tram to Docklands.

It was fascinating how crowded the city was at this peek hour. The streets were full of people, lights and sounds. If we weren’t getting ready to fight our way onto the next tram, we’d have taken a minute to stop and look at this beautiful city we’re living in.

(Photo: Internet)

“We might miss a few minutes, but we’re get there” – someone said.

“IF we get on the next one. IF!”

Anyway, we got on eventually, although I don’t think I’ve ever been on such a full tram before. I was actually surprised how many people were headed to the fireworks show, considering it’s on every Friday during winter. Also, fireworks don’t seem like some once-in-a-while novelty here like they are in Vietnam. I occasionally hear them from my bedroom (without seeing anything!). Apparently they do it during every festivals.

The tram had never been so slow before, or at least we felt that way. Every minute passed by and we’ve come closer to the prospect of missing the show. “It’s okay if we miss it, we could hang out there anyway!” – we comforted ourselves.

We didn’t wait for the tram to reach the last stop at Docklands, but got off one stop earlier, as the clock has touched 7.30 and someone on the tram said: “We can see it from here!”

We got off, ran towards the harbour. There’s still no sound yet. We made it!!

Not even 30 seconds later, “boom!!”. The sky lit up. We ran excitedly towards waterside where the fireworks came from, along with hundreds of other people, all of them with a camera in their hand.

It was amazing. I’ve never seen fireworks so low down and so near before. Complimenting it was the catchy pop music, and the sound of people going “Wow!” “Oohhh!” “Ahh!”

I managed to take some photos, but most of the time I was mesmerized by the fireworks that I forgot I should take some. (I’ve never taken photos of fireworks before, so they’re not of the best quality)




The show lasted about 20 minutes. We then took a walk around to explore the suburbs. It was indeed a nice waterside place right near the harbour. There were yachts all around, the buildings all look modern and luxurious. A friend of mine said Docklands is one of the most expensive places in Melbourne. I could see why.




There was this huge observation wheel, but since it was cold and tickets are quite expensive, we decided to save it for other times and head inside instead.

(Photos: Flickr)
(Photo: Flickr)
Photo: Flickr
(Photo: Flickr)

We found this amazing arcade and spent the rest of the night there, with familiar games that we all played as kids.





Concluded with some $1 KFC fries, the night was perfect. At 9.30, we could feel the temperature dropped drastically (Melbourne!) and it started to drizzle, so we decided to head back home, also because most of us still had the 10pm curfew. The tram was much less crowded this time, and although it was freezing cold, the walk back to the house was lovely.

Everyone was happy and… life is sweet 🙂

Until next time!







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