14/08 — A warm and sunny day in the middle of August. What a surprise!

Greetings from a new Trinity College and Foundation Studies student!

My name is Shamira. I’m from Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, and I’m currently in the July Fast Track intake.

A month has passed since July Fast Track 2015  started. And in 2 months, the new October Fast Track students will arrive! If any of you are wondering what the Fast Track is like, here are five things that I’ve experienced from my first month of being a “fast-tracker” :

  1. Pressure.Oh so you guys are the fast-trackers!’,  ‘Students from July Fast Track have always been our best students,’, ‘Of course you’re good, you’re the fast-trackers!‘, aaaand it goes on. From Day 1 of Trinity, expect a lot of emphasizing on the fact that you are a fast-tracker. It feels okay at first, but it may get to you eventually.
  2. Two chapters of Maths1 done in a week. Well, usually one chapter per week but yeah it can go up to two chapters. If math is not your forte, I suggest you try your best and put in extra effort to keep up.
  3. Pile of assignments. We all do enjoy procrastinating, don’t we? However, we do not have as much time as the other intakes so if you postpone one thing, your assignments will eventually pile up.
  4. Time flies. It does! Very quickly! It’s only been a month but we’re already a month away from our Semester 1 exams as well!
  5.  Feels like you’re home again. Things may get hectic and frustrating, but you will go through all that with the best companions. Considering JFT only consists of around 70 students, you get to know people more easily and quickly. Within a month, you’re already spending time with your new friends. Have lunch together, do assignments together, and go out on the weekends!

So far, I’m really enjoying my time in Melbourne. I feel really comfortable here and am looking forward to experience more.

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