Strictly Ballroom was a very famous Australian film written and directed by Baz Luhrmann – the genius behind Moulin Rouge!, Romeo & Juliet, Australia, and the Great Gatsby. As I’m a huge fan of Luhrmann and his wife Catherine Martin (4-Oscar-winning costume designer), I knew I can’t miss Strictly Ballroom the musical while it opens in Melbourne. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks, and today I finally got to see it!



WP_20150822_017We got pretty decent seats for a very good price!

Some pictures I managed to snap before the show started:





The musical was awesome. Seriously, it was really really good, despite my sky high expectation. It was glamorous and extravagant, just like Luhrmann’s style. If you’ve seen Jay Gatsby’s parties, this was nothing short of that. It was a musical feast, satisfying in both visual and sound. The whole cast was wonderful, all of them sang and danced so well.

We also love how they interact with the audience: our seats were in different colors which turned out to be the couple we’re supposed to cheer for in the competition; an audience couple was picked up on stage to dance for 5 minutes in everyone’s excitement; the dancers went down to the audience at the end to get everyone up on their feet dancing. It was so fun and exciting.

And one of the things that impressed us the most was how beautiful and detailed the costumes and set decoration were, which came as no surprise as they were the production of another genius, Catherine Martin.

Three hours passed by so fast and we left wanting more. That was so good it was and I surely didn’t regret seeing it. Again, as we took the tram home, we talked out how lucky we are to be living in a city with so many things going on, so many things to do, things that we’d never had a chance to do at home, things that we’re committed to experience as much as we can while we’re here…

We weren’t allowed to take pictures during the show so I found some on the Internet if you want to have a glimpse:






We got home at around 6 and made ourselves the most awesome homemade burgers! I was so full I felt sick…




Spring is around the corner, so stay tune for the flower photos!

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