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It was a Thursday night but since I only have one class at 2 pm the next day so I decided to go. A friend of mine is friends with one of the keyboardists of an all-girl group, The Sweethearts.

Umm, one of the keyboardists? Yes! I don’t know much about The Sweethearts, but from what I know they’re from Geelong and consist of 30 girls in the age of 15-17. They’re still in school like any other normal high school students. The only difference is they have gigs, have travel abroad for music festivals, and now they have their own TV show on ABC3!

♥  Website |  ABC3 TV Program : Heart and Soul  ♥

A few of my friends and I went to Cherry Bar which is located at AC/DC Lane last Thursday night (20/08) to watch their show. The place was smaller than I expected but I can see that it is really popular by the crowd of people who were there that night. This was the first time I’ve ever heard of The Sweethearts and I was quite surprised at how huge the band was. The members don’t play altogether at once. They change members for every other song. Aside from the usual vocalist, bassist, drummer, guitarist, and keyboardist, they have a line-up of horn players, flute, and 3 background singers. Their genre is new soul and they like to mix it up a bit and be inventive. I honestly love their performance. Their original songs and covers that they performed were brilliant and highly entertaining.

Don’t believe me? Watch their performance on the video above! They’re amazing.

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