Around a month ago, my friends and I went to North Richmond. We went there initially to watch a movie at Hoyts which was located at Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre. But because none of us have been to Richmond, we were so unfamiliar with the area and ended up having a mini adventure!


It’s kind of weird if you think about it. Why watch a movie at Victoria Gardens when there’s a Hoyts at Melbourne Central? It’s waaaay closer to where we live.

We were planning to watch the movie at Melbourne Central but the showtime was very limited. The only showtime was at 10am. None of us mind going to North Richmond and so we did!

We took the train from Melbourne Central Station to North Richmond Station. From there we took a tram to Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre.  We had trouble finding Victoria Gardens at first. We spent around 30 minutes trying to get there from the train station but actually it was really easy. We tried to find the tram stop which was just right next to the station but somehow we didn’t notice the stop and ended up going to the stop before it. We eventually found Victoria Gardens, though (yayyy!).


Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre was kinda big. If you’re looking for stuff for your apartment/house/room you should definitely go there because it has IKEA. We went to IKEA before the movie started and ate late-lunch/early-dinner there. My friends also bought a few things for their apartment.


The Hoyts at Victoria Gardens is HUGE! I was kinda surprised, really. I’ve never been to the one at Melbourne Central but according to my friend this one is wayyy nicer and bigger. The studio is massive and they have seats at the balcony section as well.

(yes, this is me)

Just across Victoria Gardens, you can see one of Melbourne’s icon: The Skipping Girl Vinegar Sign. It’s the first animated neon sign in Australia.

If you are interested or maybe you need to go to IKEA to get a few things, here’s how to get to North Richmond/Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre:

– Tram :    12   (stop at 24 – Victoria Gardens)

109 (stop at 24 – Victoria Gardens)

-Train :  Train to North Richmond Station. Then take tram 12 or 109 to stop 24 – Victoria Gardens. The tram stop is just beside the train station.

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