“It is really hard to make friends in university” someone once told me.

“Everybody will rush in before and out after classes so you won’t have a chance to say hi”

I was so excited and anxious about getting into University of Melbourne a year ago when I was in Trinity College Foundation Studies.

Am I gonna make any new friend in University? Are people not gonna talk to me because I am Asian? What is my university life gonna be like?

Eventually, I stepped into University of Melb at the last week of February 2015. It was Orientation Week.

My mates and I were looking at the O-week schedule and decided which lecture to attend.

Most of them were interesting and useful for new students like us.

Then there was one lecture called ‘Arts Student Society Session’

We went to the room and sat at the front. There were much more people than other lectures.

Then, there were two guys at the front of lecture room setting up things. “Before we start, the president of Student Union would like to say something to you”

I couldn’t remember everything she said but I can conclude to one sentence that have changed my University life. “Please don’t just come to University and go home, join some clubs and events to make some friends”

After that, the two guy told us what Arts Student Society is about. They gave us a handbook, showed us a picture of a donkey and a video of people fighting with sausages.

I looked at the handbook. “M-ASS” how do I read this? Is it M and Ass?

At the end of the session, one of the guy told us to head over to Union House to grab something from the free BBQ provided by them and join the club if we want.

We went there but the line to sign up to become a member was soooo long, we decided to leave but then someone shouted “You can come grab some bbq first and then sign up for member!”


With the hunger for free food, we had free bbq without becoming a member and left.

Nevertheless, on the next day, I went to Uni again without my mates. I couldn’t remember why.

I incidentally ran into the Arts Student Society booth. I decided to become the member because it only cost 2$! So that would be even for my free BBQ on the other day.

Then one of the girl told me that they were having a party that night somewhere in the city that I can get in for free with my membership card.

I wasn’t so keen but I didn’t want to just come to Uni and go home uneventfully and it sounded interesting to attend a party at the first week of my university life. I invited some of the friends to come along and we were down.

Later on that day, M-ASS posted on their FB page that we’d better be there at the party early so that we wouldn’t have to wait in the line for so long.

I decided to be there on time. There was still quite a long line.

My mates told me that they were running late. So they left me alone…

I was in the line standing… quietly… and awkwardly. Everybody was with their friends.

Thanks God, finally I got in.

I decided to get a glass of drink and look for a quiet corner for myself.

However, after I got my classic drink, when I was walking to the alone corner, one guy approached me.

“Hey man! How’s going?”

He was so friendly that I thought we were friends before. But no! I never met this guy before in my life.

Then he introduced himself and I introduced myself. I awkwardly told him that I was there with my friends but they were late leaving me alone at that time.

Then he introduced my to some people at the party. I didn’t know why he was doing that.

Then I met some new people, some nice people, some awesome people. (Oh, and that two guys at the lecture)

My dream had come true! I made new friends in the University.

I joined them at the dance floor. They took me in even though I was just a random guy at the party. So I had fun. I really had a good night.

On the next day, I ran into M-ASS bbq again. I saw people I met at the party. I greeted them asked them if they needed help and I helped them out.

That was when everything started, when I started to feel that I had become a part of M-ASS.

So I help them out every time I could.  It is totally worth it because I get to meet new people and catch up with my friends sometimes.

And they are still organizing some cool events like

O-week party (the first one I attended)

Credit Photography by M-ASS
O-Week party Credit Photography by M-ASS

Suit Up Party

Suit Up Party by Ying Wong
Suit Up Party by Ying Wong

Paint N Glow Party

Paint n Glow Party by Steve Yann Photography
Paint n Glow Party by Steve Yann Photography

Arts Ball (2015 Don’t stop the music)

Arts Ball by Sarah Chav Photography
Arts Ball by Sarah Chav Photography
Arts Ball by Sarah Chav Photography
Arts Ball by Sarah Chav Photography

MAX After Exam Party

After Exam party MAX by Steve Yann Photography
After Exam party MAX by Steve Yann Photography

Free BBQ every fortnight

Credit Photography M-ASS

And free Burgerque !

Credit Photography M-ASS
Credit Photography M-ASS

So if you are afraid that you won’t be making friends in the university, don’t be!

I highly recommend joining any clubs, it is really easy to make friends at all clubs.

You can basically join any clubs. You can join M-ASS even though you are science student. You can join Ecuadorian club even though you are Thai.

I blogged about M-ASS because it is the club I most engage with. (I actually joined more than 10 clubs). I have met, and am still meeting, so many awesome people via M-ASS.

University life is not just about studying and getting a good grade. Social life is really important too. The more people you know, the more comfortable you feel being at the uni.



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