So after three months shivering in one of Melbourne’s coldest winters for many years, Springtime has arrived in Melbourne and along with it clear sunny days, blossoms on the trees and excitement in the air!!

Thu Tulips

Of course Melbourne has four seasons, each one of then distinct in its own way and often requiring a complete wardrobe change! Springtime is a great time to be living in the World’s Most Liveable City, finally people start emerging from their wintery moods and Melbourne really starts to turn on the festival atmosphere with so many outdoor activities to do! Being a seasonal city, Springtime in Melbourne is characterised by sometimes chilly nights and crisp mornings but typically by 10am each morning the sky clears to an endless blue, the sun gently warms up the parks and gardens and the fragrant scent of flowers, grass and blossom fills the air.Tulips 4

So with this as our backdrop, me and three of my fellow students decided to get into the Springtime spirit with a visit the the amazing Tesselaar Tulip Festival! What an amazing, colourful day we had! It was like being transported to a tulip filled field in Holland!! The colour, the smells, the tastes, what a great start to Spring!

From Melbourne CBD, it took us approximately 90 minutes to get to Tesselaar tulip festival via public transport. You can eas
ily board the Lilydale train at Flinders street station, get off at Lilydale station and catch the 663 bus (Monday-Friday) or Tesselaar tulip festival shuttle bus (Saturday – Sunday). The ticket costs $20 for students and you get to spend a whole day with lots of activities.Tulips 3

There is a special theme every weekend such as Turkish weekend, Dutch weekend and Irish weekend. We arrived on a “Food, wine and jazz” weekend and were able to experience a range of international cuisines, wine tasting and jazz music playing throughout the day. You can see people wearing traditional clothes, performing traditional dances and songs as well as introducing you to their beautiful culture. There are also interesting activities like face painting, treasure hunting and photo competition.Tulips2

It was a beautiful sunny day so the festival was full of families and friends. Everyone was so excited to see an impressive colourful carpet of tulips blooming. We immersed ourselves in the beautiful scenery, the spring breeze and the sun.Ice Cream at Tulips

We took a lot of photos and had so much fun during the day. We tried a variety of international food and wine and as well as my favourite gelato! It was a wonderful and memorable experience and we can’t wait to go back next year!Goodbye tulips

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