Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since my last post.

Around three weeks ago, I had my first semester exams and a break for ten days the week after. During the break, my family from Jakarta came to Melbourne to visit. I took this opportunity to take them around the city and go to some of Melbourne’s tourist sites, since I haven’t got the chance to see most of it.

Two of the places that we went to are Melbourne Star and Eureka Skydeck 88.

Left: Melbourne Star☆ , Right: my mom admiring the sunset from the observation wheel.

The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel opens daily from 10am-10pm. It’s located at Harbour Town Shopping Center in Docklands. Tickets to get on the observation wheel is $34 for Adults and $30 for concession (yay!). (more information here.)


My family and I went to Melbourne Star at around 6pm on Sunday (before daylight savings time starts). It was a great time because it wasn’t too hot nor too dark to see things and we get to see the sunset which was pretty amazing.

Although it takes 30 minutes to complete a turn, the queue wasn’t long at all. And I think it was kinda quick, I feel like it took only 15 minutes rather than 30.

Melbourne from Eureka Skydeck
Melbourne from Eureka Skydeck

Eureka Skydeck is located at Southbank, just near the river. It opens from 10am-10pm daily as well. From Eureka Skydeck, you get to see Melbourne from the 88th floor!  The general admission costs $19.5 for adults and $15 for concession. (more info here.)


We went there quite early, around 11am. It was a sunny day but the temperature was quite low. I find it really amazing how I get to see details of the city from this building. It also provides some sort of telescope so you can see better and also provides information on Melbourne’s notable places. The skydeck is protected by glass window, but there is a terrace area where it is bounded by wire so you can actually feel the wind!


Besides the 88th floor, Eureka Skydeck also offers other attractions. One of them is The Edge Experience. This experience is great for those who are into thrilling things but I don’t recommend it for people who are afraid of height. In this experience, you get to be in a glass box which extends from the 88th floor. The whole box is made of glass so you get to see EVERYTHING! Standing on see through glass floor is actually one of my biggest fear hahahah. I’m not afraid of height, I’m just afraid of the possibilities that the glass might crack and leads to unfortunate things. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel that scared. Though I was really careful with my steps hahah.

I had a great time visiting both places. I enjoyed Eureka Skydeck more, because I get to see more of Melbourne from the skydeck. Though maybe I should’ve come during sunset because it’s really pretty and a better view. And don’t worry, The Edge experience is safe! Time to overcome your fear and get inside the glass box 😀

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