Hey guys,

First of all, I would like to thank you guys who have been reading my blog.

No matter where you are reading this, who you are, do I know you or not. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate it.

Secondly, I would like to thank Trinity College Foundation Studies for giving me a chance to share my memorable experience living in Melbourne. I apologise for any grammatical errors or if sometimes my writing doesn’t make sense. I still have a lot to improve. I really love doing this so when I write it, it just comes naturally from my head. Nevertheless, I always try my best to deliver my message, emotion and experience as much precise as I could.


Deciding to come here is really a big step for me. And now I am  glad that I made the right decision. I have come across so many interesting things that I’d never thought I would.

After the first year of studying my first degree in Melbourne, I have now got used to seeing people drinking beers or ciders in the morning, afternoon or at night on the campus (in the permitted area though). From where I came from, this would be really odd.

Until last month, when this phenomenon had gone to the next level. When student union decided to change the small area in the middle of the university to the dream of Germans … the Oktoberfest in Melbourne!

Excuse my lack of general knowledge, I didn’t even know what ‘Oktoberfest’ is at first.

Thanks to technology in modern age, I spent quite a little bit of time browsing about this thing on the internet.

‘Beer, German sausages, fancy costumes’ sums up what this is about.

I hesitated at first because going to this event must cost me a lot of money.

50$for the ticket

another 50$for the cheap costume

and (possibly) around 10$ for MacDonald meal afterwards.

Then a lot of my friends were talking about this. The veterans recommended all Jaffys (first year students) that this event is going to be Legen … wait for it … (you know what is coming).

However, what really changed my mind to attend this is the event description on Facebook page. ‘Unlimited beer and german sausages’ So, that means I could drink alcohol and sausages as much as possible without worrying about how much money I have in my wallet …? Hell yeah.

I thought getting the costume was gonna be difficult but I was wrong. Online shopping really makes our life easier. It cost me around 110$ for my purchase. This includes the hat, shirt and ,most importantly, the Lederhosen. I paid this much for costume because I intend to use it for next year and another time too.

Oktoberfest hat
Oktoberfest hat
Oktoberfest Laderhosen
Oktoberfest Laderhosen
Oktoberfest shirt
Oktoberfest shirt

The event started on Friday 9th October in the evening. When I arrived, there was a HUGE TENT in the middle of Uni.IMG_3611

Before I got in, I ran into my friend in the line. This was probably his third time I assume.

“Oktoberfest changes people, Neil” He warned. “Last time, I made out with a guy”

I wouldn’t be so surprised if I had’t heard this sentence  from my male friend..

“He was a good-looking guy though”.

Okay maybe I am not gonna be that drunk, I thought.

As we got in, it was totally different hemisphere from the outside.

The first thing that appeared to my right was the German bands playing classic German music.

Oktoberfest band
Photograph by Ying Wong

As we walked inside, there were really long tables with hundred of chairs.


Student union also provided us a limited edition glass to re-fuel our beer as much as we want anytime we want.

IMG_3613It was really lovely. I got to drink German beer talking to people.

Then the real fun was starting … slowly …

People came to dance at the front at first.

Then they cheered.

Then they threw beer at each other. (lol)


Then the band disappeared, here comes the DJ.

Photograph by Ying Wong

And that … is all I can remember from that night.

But it was really so much fun.

The good things I also like about Oktoberfest is that we got to meet a lot of awesome people in the toilet.

This picture below somehow ended up on my phone. And I don’t even know that guy whom I was pouring the beer on his head. lol


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