Since I moved in with new flatmates recently, I became to realise that sport of having 2-4 people hitting a yellowish ball across the net for more than one hour is not so boring after all.

They are Ecuadorian and French and it seems that Tennis is quite popular in their countries.

Since 19th of January, the television in our apartment has always been on airing a Tennis match from Australian Open.

“Noooo! Nadal is out !” shouted from the living room.

Although I hadn’t been so interested in Tennis, I am familiar with this name assuming that he must be one of the best.

The fuss did not just occur in my apartment. I went to work and people also talked about it. Every front page of newspapers would have a photo of a tennis player from AO.

This phenomena of having people all around me talking and watching AO eventually overwhelmed me after a week.

I came back from work on 22th of January.

As usual, my roommates were having a little party with the Tennis match on the TV.

It was a woman match between French and Aussie lady.

Both of them had won one set each so they must win the last set to go to the next round.

The game seemed really tensed.

The audience in the TV were shouting to support their Aussie player. (Although I found out that she’s actually Russian but just had become Australian recently)

The last game went on until the tie-break that both of them had won six games each so now they had to won two games away to gain the victory over the game.

The Aussie girl, Dasha Gavrilova, was fighting at her best against the French woman who seemed dangerously calm.

She screamed every time she lost a point or shouted “Come on!” every time she won it.

Dasha was down one game many times and she made it level. 7-6, 7-7, 8-7, 8-8 ,9-8 and 9-9.

Eventually, she had the lead at 10-9 which must have motivatede her a lot.

Until the French lady finally hit the ball too hard sending it a little bit out of the court  acknowledging Dasha that she was into the next round.

She threw the racket into the air and sat down with joys.

Everyone was really impressed… including me.IMG_3910.JPG

That also make me want to see her play live from the stadium.

Luckily, my roommate had already bought the ticket so I could actually join him at the venue.

I decided to get the ticket online on the next day.

Unfortunately, all the tickets had already been sold out, however, I did not give up.

I kept looking on Google until I ended up buying a secondhand ticket with almost twice more expensive. I knew that I wouldn’t have regretted it.

On Sunday 24th January, we planned to get to the venue at around 5PM.

PTV even provided a tram line which bring people to right in front of the venue FOR FREE!



We got there at about 4:50PM and the line was already long to get in. That shows how popular AO is.


After we got in, a huge venue or people looking at the massive TV which was airing the match between Serbian and French man.IMG_3920.JPG

We sat down there for a bit until the excitement of my roommate pushed us to sneak into the stadium to support his fella from the same country, Gilles Simon, World’s No.14, who were playing against Novak Djokovic, World’s No.1 !


The game wasn’t that easy as people might have expected for Djokovic. They had been playing for more than three hours when we got there.

This match made me realise how many French people there are in Melbourne.

“Allez!” shouted French people.


The game went on with Djokovic hitting the ball harder and harder while the Frenchman carried on his superb defending.

The game finally finished with the victory for the Serbian at score 6-3, 6-7, 6-4, 4-6 and 6-3 after 4 hours 32 mins.

Simon walked out from the arena as soon as he shook hand with the winner and the umpire while receiving the cheering clap from the crowd.

Djokovic, on the other hand, stayed to give an interview which seems to be a ritual for the winner of the game.


While waiting for the next match, some tennis fans had to get out to seek some food after quite a long time of cheering.

If you ever want to go see sports at any stadium, BRING YOUR OWN food if you aren’t willing to spend 10$ for 2 sushi rolls (while you can get 4 rolls at a normal price)!

All the food&drink price there are bloody savage.

Then people started to get back in as soon as one of the young promising aussie player, Daria ”Dasha” Gavrilova, started warming up at the court.

On the other side, we had Carla Suarez Navarro, World’s No.10!

Nevertheless, in Dasha, people believed in her. She just beat World’s no.6 and 28 in the last two rounds so this shouldn’t be too hard for her.


The game started.

Dasha won the first game with her powerful forehand!

Second game. Third game. Daria was unstoppable!

She won the first set in 25 mins!

More fans kept coming in and cheering every time she won the point.

The amount of attendance was clearly more than the game before at this moment.

At this point, people thought that this could be a really quick match.


Second game started.

The fans still kept cheering for her.

However, the Russian born girl could not keep up with the experienced Spanish and started to commit many unforced errors.

She started to get upset.

After 35 minutes playing she lost the second set by 6-3.

People still believed in her hoping the she will get her mind back into the game.

The last set started.

Both of them seemed incredibly calm.

Dasha came strong and won the first two games.

At this point, Daria seemed to get nervous again after hitting the ball too hard sending it outside the court she lost focus on the game.

She started kicking the ball.

Throwing the racket.

The Spanish took this as her advantage. She kept calm and hitting the ball down in to the court until Dasha missed it.

Eventually, Suarez Navarro won the game.

The 21-year-old Aussie shook the hand of the winner of the match and the umpire. She rushed out from the arena as soon as possible.

People might have been disappointed that she lost it. Nonetheless, they all know that she just needs more experience and that next year she will come back stronger for sure!

Not so long after the match without giving the fans a break, one of the best Tennis player ever walked right into the court.

People call him a legend.

Everyone knows him even they may not be a Tennis fan.

That brownish curly hair with familiar green headband.

It’s Roger Federer.


We were all delighted to see him.

His opponent was David Goffin, 25-year-old player form Belgium.

The game started.

Roger had the first serve.

As soon as he did it, he had the crowd stunned.

Roger kept winning as if he was in a training, while Goffin tried his best against the tennis legend.

“I love you Roger” shouted from the stands.

“I love you more Roger”

“Finish him Roger”

“Finish him Goffin”

Some people might have been drunk by this time (11PM).

The game eventually finished with the win for the 4 times Australian Open Champion.

It was quite an experience to see world class tennis just in front of my eyes.

Totally worth the ticket.

The cheering crowd made it even better.

If you do not want to pay for the ticket, you can actually go join the crowd at the Federation Square which is entertaining as well.

That is what I am doing now.

Watching the clash of the Champions!

Roger Federer VS Novak Djokovic!



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