Hello everyone! I joined this blog very recently, and since this is my first blog, let me introduce myself to you guys. 😀

I am Wai Yan Lin (Willis), from Myanmar. I arrived in Melbourne two weeks before Trinity College started and I had an amazing opportunity to experience ‘Australia Day’, which is the National day of Australia (26th Jan).

On that day, my friends and I followed the parade along Swanston St, starting from Melbourne Central all the way to the National Gallery of Victoria (yes we walked!). It was JUST breathtaking, and exciting to see everyone dressing up as superheroes, and many other characters and joining the parade!


There were hundreds, and thousands of people all along the road tiptoeing and climbing up some heights, which normally none of us would, just to cheer for the parade! And when we arrived in front of the National Gallery Of Victoria, guess what?

Oh I forgot to mention! I am a passionate car lover (really sad that I don’t own a car!). I am really into sports cars, luxury cars, off-road cars, and I really like antique cars. So basically I like anything that has 4 rubber wheels and a steering wheel. 😛

Here I am… Peace!


So yeah, back to somewhere in front of the National Gallery of Victoria… There were hundreds of (maybe more) antique cars lined up and all polished and shiny like diamonds!   YES! They were all flawless for such an age! Cars include Rolls Royce, Mercedes, Ford, and many moreee! It was paradise, and I spent hours admiring them angels.

Then soon enough came the planes flying all over the blue skies leaving smoke trails behind! It was said that the pilots were flying manually, and only a few feet apart from each other! They did all those twists and turns on air, dropping some jaws of the audiences! (including me) 😀



The day was well spent, and it was the first Australia Day I have ever experienced in my life. I really look forward to be in next year’s Australia Day too!

You guys will start seeing blogs from me soon so stay tuned! 😉 Because why not? 😛
Peace out! Love you all!

From Willis with ❤ !

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