My friends, Joanne Low and Celina Cham travelled to the suburbs of Melbourne. They spent their Saturday afternoon in Collingwood, a lovely cafe-friendly town. It’s definitely a great place to indulge, spend some quality time with friends or just a simple getaway from the hullaballoo of the schooling life.

They ate at Smith St. Alimentari down at Smith Street and walked around the parks of Collingwood. The serendipity of the place collocates with the amazing food dishes served around the suburb.

How do I get there?

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.03.22 PM.png

What should I bring?

Money, and yourself. Try to unplug yourself from the social media for a day, and soak up the goodness of the surroundings.

What should I do?

Take this time to relax, and de-stress. Catch up with your friends, or simply laze around and enjoy the sun as much as you can.


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