Term 2 ended so my friends, and I travelled all the way up to Gold Coast during the holidays.. and yes… I have something to share with you guys! We stayed there for four days .. coming back with many memories.

Most people may have been to Gold Coast, but for those who haven’t or who are planning to go… I have some places to share with you so you can pay a visit. 🙂

My friends and I flew to Gold Coast from Melbourne on 24th June 2016… it was biting cold in Melbourne that morning (okay, not that cold as it sounds..) but as soon as we landed in Gold Coast, we got the sunshine right in our pockets!


Despite the winter starting, Gold Coast still attracts people with its impressive sunshine. It has the perfect weather you could ever imagine. People even call it the “Sunshine State”…

So after arriving, we checked in at ‘Mantra Legends Hotel’ in Gold Coast, and as soon as I got inside my hotel room.. all my stress escaped from my body because of the view in front of my eyes.

Mantra Legends Hotel lobby
View from the hotel room



Early morning sky as seen from the hotel room


Trust me. It looks much satisfying in real life.. as the window wall is right beside the bed.. yes.. you wake up, and sleep with this view!

Apart from the hotel… There are seven theme parks in Gold Coast and we went to four of them… Wet’n’Wild, Dreamworld, Movie World, and Sea World.. yes… I really recommend you guys to go there too.

Sea World is all about aquatic life, and animal shows.. including dolphin shows.. or those who are in love with penguins, or dolphins.. this is the place!

This cute guy is in Sea World!
Those are baby penguins

There are public buses operating every day from the city to these theme parks, and you can always buy an adult Gold Card in every 7-eleven stores for your journey. Gold Cards are the same as MyKi cards. Don’t worry about which bus to catch. Google Maps can get you everywhere 😛

Second is Movie World

Movie World by Warner Bros is one of the  best theme parks in Gold Coast where you can see all Warner Bros characters such as Scooby-Doo, Batman, Joker, and much more. There are may thrill rides in Movie World which can drive your adrenaline.. 😉 There are also many exciting stunt shows in Movie World to enjoy, and there is a pizza buffet restaurant too!



Then Wet’n’Wild…

If you like water rides, you should give a visit to Wet’n’Wild. So sad that I did not take any pictures there to share with you guys. So Wet’n’Wild is basically all about water rides, including water slides, tornado slides, and much more! Plus, there is a wave pool too. I recommend you to bring extra clothes, towels, and shampoo when you go there. 🙂

Among all the theme parks I went, the one I like the best is ‘Dream World’. ‘Dream World’ is the place where you can find all those crazy rides, and hear many screams and shouts…



Just by looking at this … you know how it will be up there.. Trust me.. it was awesome!


I was busy riding the rides so sadly those are the only two pictures I took when I was there.
Oh.. I have one more … a picture of me and my friends..



Yes, we are weird .


And lastly.. the beach… Surfers’ Paradise beach… I won’t talk about this much. because I can’t find many adjectives to describe its beauty lol

Okay lets just stick to words like “windy”, “sandy”. 😛
okay less reading.. here are some amateur shots of mine of the beach.

This is the view from the top of the highest building in Gold Coast..



The tallest building in Gold Coast is the Q1 building… its also a must go place too 😀 Because the view from the 77th floor is just fascinating.. There is a restaurant up there so you can have meals with looking at the paradise beneath..



This is the evening view from the Q1 observation deck.


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