I was fortunate enough to attend two concerts within the space of 3 weeks this winter, both of which were mind-blowingly amazing! Both acts are two of my all time favourites, so you can imagine there was a lot of jumping and shouting involved, which left my feet and throat very sore indeed!

THE 1975 – Hisense Arena, 24/07/2016

wow so trippy

“I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”… No that was not a confession of love from me to you, rather its the title of their world tour, which I AM SO GLAD I WENT FOR OHMYGAAHD!!! I think it’s fair to say they were nothing short of amazing, so getting stepped on in the crowd by countless sweaty concert-goers was a small price to pay for such a memorable night.

Australian indie-pop band, Cub Sport opened the stage for The 1975 and I was pleasantly surprised at how good they sounded live, and their debut album “This Is Our Vice” has since made it into my Spotify playlist (Coincidentally, I’m listening to Vice while writing this article lol). Shortly after, The 1975 took the stage, and that’s when the night truly started.

The English rock band performed all of my favourite songs – Somebody Else, The Sound, Girls etc; – plus a few that (to my disbelief) I had not heard before. As per usual, lead singer Matt Healy was to be seen sipping a glass of wine in between set numbers and proceeded to lead the crowd, albeit slightly tipsy, as we belted out the lyrics to every song, an army of fists punching the air.

look dem photobombers

It was a blessing in disguise that my phone died halfway through the concert, as I was able to live in the moment rather than through a 5 inch screen. With that being said, my friend Dave managed to capture some amazing footage which you can find on his YouTube channel (link below).

Huge shout out to Dave for braving the cold with me as we queued up outside the arena from 4.30pm so we could get a good spot near the stage. Additionally, the guy came prepared with Nutella sandwiches for the three hour long wait which, given my appetite, came in handy. Dave my friend, you da real MVP!

TROYE SIVAN – Margaret Court Arena, 09/08/2016

ooh pretty lights

This particular adventure started hours before the actual concert. Prior to the show, Troye tweeted out the following:

So, concert buddy Noah and I roamed the streets of Melbourne CBD after our 2pm class, visiting shop after shop in the hopes of finding anything even remotely Pride-related. Four hours later, we were inside the arena (with a rainbow patterned neckerchief tied around my belt loop and concert merch in my backpack), unable to contain our excitement.

such attractive faces

Our seats were side-stage, and directly opposite us, on the other end of the arena were two of our friends (how were we able to recognize them from such a distance? i have no idea). The arena filled up incredibly fast, and pretty soon there wasn’t an empty spot in sight.First up was opening act Nicole Millar, who tore up the stage with her performance of Tremble and several other songs. The next act took a lot of people (including myself) by surprise. YouTuber/DJ Tyde Levi (Troye’s younger brother – who is very very cute btw) brought the whole audience to their feet with some high energy EDM tracks.

Shortly after his performance, the lights dimmed ominously and the backing track to Bite started playing. Then, in a perfect example of a dramatic entrance, Troye Sivan himself walked onstage casually in a bright pink t-shirt and oversized trousers to the sound of thousands of crazed fans screaming themselves hoarse. The rest of the night was a truly enlightening experience. At one point the arena looked like the night sky, with thousands of mobile phones being waved about in almost perfect unison, illuminating the room like bright stars.

The atmosphere was almost palpable – it was truly a night to remember!

Once again, my own mobile phone ran out of battery, so photos and videos are courtesy of Dave, who was in another part of the crowd (link below).

The 1975 concert footage

Troye Sivan concert footage

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