Have you ever thought about what you really expect from your Uni life?

Just some good grades for your degree or some good memories as well?

For me, getting a good grade is my priority but I would not spend all of my time studying and working really hard for it. There are so many other things that I could do with my uni life.

I spent most of my first semester at University of Melbourne getting to know new people and learning about their cultures.

And I discovered so many new things that I would never have done in my country.

Casual drinking (involved alcohol and coffee) at uni, joining some BBQ events and catching up with friends. Good stuff.

So I had a really satisfied and pleasant semester. Week1 to Week12 flew fast like a blink of the eyes.

After we finish our exam, Uni normally give us a month-ish break before the next semester starts.

It was quite boring for me during the break because everyone was going away while I stayed in Melbourne doing nothing productive.

Until the last week of holidays, I was invited in to a Facebook group called ‘Arts Spoons’.

A few of my friends also appeared on the group so I realised that something must be happening.

But nothing interesting really happened in that group.

There was a guy posting a photo of a huge spoon referring to the group name.

So the first week of my second semester started.

As usual, I hope this semester would be as good as the last one that I would make the best of it.

Then someone just posted on the group like “Okay guys, this year AL (initial name) will be our captain if you would like to join our team, come along this Thursday at this location for a casual meeting”.

I went to the meeting and saw a few of my friends.

The guy who was announced as the captain introduced himself.

“Hey guys, I am AL. I will be your captain for the Arts Spoon this year. If you would like to ‘Prosh’ with us. Come sign up with me with 20$ fee.

Excuse my curiosity, I signed up. However, I didn’t pay the money right away because I hadn’t yet trusted what was going on.

Although everyone else seemed to know what this was all about. Maybe it’s just an Australian thing?

“Prosh is love”

“Prosh is life”

That’s all I’d heard.

“You all can come along to our fun raising next week at _ bar” said the captain. “I will invited you all in the Facebook, it will be fun”.



Everyone was drunk having their own drinks on their hands which was mostly an individual jug of beer.

Apparently, there were five people who were becoming a judge for this competition standing in the middle of us.

People were offering money to buy the judges.

It was like an auction when each judge had to come out and show themselves

“Do it naked!” shouted a random guy.

“Do it naked!”more people follow him.

“Do it naked”now we were all shouting.

So the judge started taking their clothes off until he/she literally became naked!





Until everyone had got their own judge.

What now? I asked myself.

It seemed like we can all do whatever the —- we want to the judge.

My team got one of the judge who is our friend so I didn’t think we would do anything much to harm him.

But no!

My teammate started slapping his naked ass loudly!

And the judge took it like a man! He took it as if he knew what he signed up for.

Then my team started dressing him up with some weird stuffs like a rainbow skirt and sprinkles all over his body while putting headphone on him playing some painful music.


Later, the judges started fighting sumo with each other around the cheering crowd. Some drank too much and puked at each other.

It was so f—ing messy!

Then I left because I couldn’t take it no more.

Nevertheless, I ended up officially joining Arts Spoons team anyway.

A part of me just kept shouting “Yolo!”

And the time had come.

The Prosh Week.


(You can see that I had an assignment due on that week but I joined Prosh anyway)

The Opening Ceremony

On the first day, the captain was asking for help if anyone could show up in the Monday morning to get dressed and danced a bit to show the judges.

And so I got up even earlier than I normally do when I have class and came to uni.

Everyone was in their costumes. The team colour was navy and the theme was meme. So it came out like this


This guy even got a hair tattoo for the team!

After everyone got dressed up, we all went to the gathering spot where will be meeting other teams and the judges.

Yeah, we had a pretty good opening scene.

So after everyone arrived, the judges sat down in the middle and every teams started performing to impress one after the other as if this is some kind of a religious ceremony.


You can see that the judges were now looking very good in decent costumes sitting in the middle (Well, they deserved that after they already had been through the hard time).

Arts Spoons 2015 team photo

After the ceremony had finished, we all knew now that the Prosh week had begun!

There were activities to do throughout the days. All you have to do is checking update on your Facebook’s group.

You can choose to attend all to help your team out or you can just choose the ones you’d like to.

The Moat Race


This has brought the well-known drinking game to the next level!

Traditionally, you can see this drinking game in any casual pub night.

Each team would just sit at the opposite side of a table and then try to finish the drink in front of their face first.

But because this is Prosh.

A table is clearly not big enough for everyone…

BI (Bachelor of Inebriation)


This is one of the most well-known activities from Prosh.

We all know that students come to University to get the degree.

You study hard to get a degree but not for this one.

You drink hard to get a degree.

The drill is that you will be given a list of drinks that you have to finish at a particular place and time.



Unfortunately, you will be paying all the alcohol fees yourself.

But that’s okay! The judges have got you covered with special deals!


And yes. There is also a variety of breadth subjects for you to do.


Once you have accomplished the challenges, let the judges know so you get them to sign you up to finish your degree.



And a few weeks after, your degree will be delivered from the judges via your captain.


The Naked Run

Yes when I say ‘naked’, I mean ‘literally naked’.

You won’t be wearing anything and will be showing your true self to other people at Uni.

This happens at both day and night.

Taking this challenge was a really big step for me because it’s the thing that I thought I would never ever have done it and I am glad I did it.

Also, you won’t be doing this alone.

There were so many naked people running around and no one was judging anyone.

(No Photo soz)

The Scavenger hunt

At the midday of Thursday, each team will be given a list of stuffs they need to bring to present to the judge within 24 hours.

All items have different points and they are all no easy to get.

I remember seeing one team accomplished getting one of the judges’ parents.

This requires a high level of teamwork and organising skills.

All the team would take this very seriously because this would be the only chance they can come back to be the winner!

The gathering on the last day of Prosh


There are also many other activities during the Prosh week.


It’s a good way to meet new people, to bound a good relationship with your teammates and others.

Nevertheless, it is crucial that you take care of yourself. You don’t get yourself into trouble. You don’t make it affect your study too much.


Nobody orders you to get naked or do anything. You can choose whatever you want to do responsibly.

For more information: https://unimelbadventures.wordpress.com/2013/09/18/what-is-prosh-week/









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