What’s a better way to explore Melbourne than getting to know its animals?

The Zoos in Australia is surely one of the best places that can offer you a variety of wild and interesting animals from inside its country and outside. The country even has the most well-known zoologist family, the Irwin family, which is now has been carried on by the young and talented Robert Irwin to follow his dad’s path.

There are three options you can choose from to visit the zoo in Victoria below. And today I’m going to show you what is at the Melbourne zoo.melb-zoo-569-by-270


The zoo is not far at all from University of Melbourne or Trinity College. It’s just a few tram stops away (see the pic below)

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 4.41.45 PM

For more information on how to get there check: https://www.zoo.org.au/melbourne/plan-your-visit/getting-here

Luckily, students (local and overseas) will get a sweet deal concession discount. We will only have to pay $24.90 each!

One the way in, you will be given a zoo map at the start to plan your day trip. And it looks like this

Melbourne Zoo map: Credit to Melbourne Zoo

We started off by turning right and the first thing we saw were little cute creatures you can hardly find from anywhere else, the meerkats. Not only you will get excited when you see them, they will also get excited when they see you.


I really wish I could steal one of them to pet.

Next, we encountered a giant tortoise who seemed like he wanted to come play with us but he just couldn’t be bothered.


So we finished off the first zone, walked back to the entrance and turned right pass the carousel park full of children and their family having such a great time in the sunshine.

We looked at the map and saw the ‘Red Pandas’ as our next target. We were imagining an actual panda that is red (hybrid or something) but then we saw this little guy climbing around in this area and just enjoying his life happily.


And that was the highlight of the Growing Wild area. Next Station: Wild Sea

You’ll be seeing this guy in the tank at the entrance welcoming you to the Wild Sea.

DSC_0488 This area is like a big marine house filled with all the water-type animals in their tanks.

And of course, there is always someone who steals the spotlight in the house.

DSC_0490Not only the seals are enjoying their lives swimming, the visitors will also get the chance to sit down to enjoy seeing them too.

We all have that one friend who is always shy to perform in a public

And the one thing that the zoo can never fail to have for the happiness of their visitors. The penguins!!


There are also a variety of marine species in the tanks that you can see really close.


Up next, we walked into a giant reptiles house. In this section, all the reptiles will be shown in their own cells of what they would look like in their natural habitat.

Yes, you will be welcomed warmly


Having cell mates is always fun ey


Would you look at this tiny beautiful creature

On our way to the Australian Bush, we also encountered a variety of strange and funny animals like this guy.

I would believe them if this creature appears in one of the Harry Potter universes.
And here are our red-bum friends
Just a couple of zebras flirting
And this confirms that it is actually a mating season for our tall friends (try zooming in)

Of course at the entrance of the Australian Bush, one of the cutest Australian animals is shown there.

DSC_0558After that we entered what looked like a huge bird cage in the Jurassic Park. (Fortunately, they won’t eat you)

DSC_0562DSC_0565DSC_0568After we survived that, we finally met our other cute Australian friends which are basically an underground evolution of coala.

Sleepyhead wombat
And of course, it wouldn’t be an Australian Bush without these guys.

Second last zone, we entered the Trail of the Elephants. And the guard of this zone sitting at the front is this little enthusiastic otter.

DSC_0583Then, we got a  chance to enter the Butterfly House. Warning: the weather is very hot and humid inside.

DSC_0587If you’re lucky enough, they might fly to and sit on your head!

DSC_0588There were, of course, the elephants. However, I did not manage to capture their photos because they were captured in the cage and I do not support that 😦 They are my national animals.

This guy will be sitting at the end of this zone to say goodbye to you.

Last but not least, it is the Gorilla Rainforest!

At the entrance of this zone, we entered a house of the Lemurs where we were able to get real intimate with them (no touching though)


Well, maybe too intimate

And then here comes our big boss of the zone

Yes I know what you are looking or thinking
And also the big boss in the water

Throughout the end, we saw a several species of tree-top apes and monkeys which they might be waiting for you sometimes.

DSC_0599DSC_0619And that was all for the Melbourne Zoo! Hope you guys like the photos and my (trying to be) entertaining comment.

I highly recommend visiting this place if you are new to Melbourne with friends, family or even a date 😉

For more information, visit https://www.zoo.org.au/melbourne/wonder

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